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For those who are over a certain age, Bursa is the ideal place for a holiday. The reason for this is that Bursa city has very delicious food and kebabs as well as wonderful thermal hotels here. Almost entirely of these thermal houses were Turksh baths, which are the most authentic and Ottoman Turkish architecture. Nice bathrooms and massages are provided. Bursa also serves chestnut desserts. Especially in summer, organic ice cream made from very delicious chestnut is sold here. There are many caravanserai located in Anatolia on Bursa Private Turkey Tours city historical silk road. Kervansaray which is in the city of Edirne serves as a special boutique hotel. Beside this, there are historical shopping centers like Koza Bazaar, which has lots of Bazaar Bazaar. There is a definite knowledge of when exactly it was made, it has been serving since the day it was opened. In Bursa Koza Bazaar, there are boutique shops selling pure silk products. Bursa is at the same time Uludağ. Turkey’s maybe not the biggest mountain but, in Istanbul and is considered to be the most popular ski resort town because it is close to Ankara. Finally, the center considered as Bursa oldcity is Bursa Ulu Mosque. Bursa Ulu Mosque is considered to be a work of art made in the middle of the city in the Ottoman times. Bursa is the only mosque of the great Mosque and there are 12 domes beside it. The Bursa Ulu Mosque is made of extremely simple ornaments. There are marbles built with handcraft, especially the mihrab.

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By telling istanbul only when you tell us. Byzantine telling istanbul you can fully explain. First of all, the Roman Empire, which is an empire of today. The Christianity spread, even during the first 250-300 years. There were temples belonging to every Roman city. Pagan religion. Everywhere in the Roman city, monumental tombs were built, which are a kind of religious motifs of Pagan religion. Private Cappadocia Tours In this Roman empire alone, more than half of the world. Then the Roman empire is divided into two. It is the Roman city which is located in Italy as the Catholic religious center. In other words, Constantine is another name for Istanbul. Constantine is the name of the founder of Istanbul.This is the center of orthodox Christianity. The largest Orthodox church in the world was built by Huskümdar Justinyen, who left a mark on the Byzantine impatale. Istanbul itself is a natural inner harbor especially Yenikapi and Golden Horn. During that period, when the stormy sea, the ships can be comfortably sheltered here. The people who came to Istanbul from the Roman Empire. Constantine was built to a fortify the surroundings of Constantine. Istanbul is divided into the middle of the Bosphorus. In today’s Bosphorus, in recent with istanbul is very difficult people are confused. Everywhere there are artifacts and buildings belonging to the ottoman and the Byzantine Empire. Istanbul has become a world of cultural capital in 2010. has already made Istanbul for the first time for a thousand years. There are two very beautiful palace that makes this wonderful city special. Beylerbeyi Palace was built as a summer palace in Bosphorus. It was built by the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamit II. Beylerbeyi PAlace There is a Galata tower built in the Ottoman period and very close to it. The Gala tower was built during the Byzantine era, the Eastern Roman Empire. The reason is that Istanbul is seen from very high places. Istanbul is especially for intervening very quickly in a fire in the Oldcity district. The reason for the fires in Istanbul. In İstanbul, there is a huge damage in a fire. Houses are very easy to burn because they are from the sea. The Bird’s Tower is the place for the sea expeditions. We visited Topkapi which is the oldest palace built in the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul Oldcity. Though Topkapi Palace serves as a museum. This magnificent Topkapi is located in the garden. Evenings We visited Topkapi which is the oldest palace built in the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul Oldcity. Though Topkapi Palace serves as a museum. This magnificent Topkapi is located in the garden. Evenings We visited Topkapi which is the oldest palace built in the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul Oldcity. Though Topkapi Palace serves as a museum. This magnificent Topkapi is located in the garden. Evenings The garden funs and celebrations were held in today’s Gülhane park. Already part of the Garden of the Rose Garden belonging to the Gülhane park. Bagdat Pavilion, Ottoman Sultan Mehmet, was built. Later, other mansions were made by Osmani Sultan Yavuz Sultan Selim. The Harem has been in operation since PAlace opened.

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We went out as 2 friends from Romania. During this trip, my friend went with a Mercedes car. We went out early in the morning after all the passports were ready. The Romanian city has extremely flat grounds and very large agricultural areas. So the field merges with the horizon. The Danube river is Europe’s largest. The Danube river is so big that sea transportation is being made. Between Romaya and Bulgaria there is this magnificent Danube river. The Danube river is a big bridge. The other side is considered as the Bulgarian territory. Bulgaria is a very green and even wooded country. You drive along a beautiful wooded path along the way. Anyway, at the end there is a Kapıkule customs gate between Turkey and Bulgaria. After passports now we enter into the territory of Turkey. Turkey, which in the end we have come to the city of Edirne. We lived in Edirne for 3 days after a long time. We stayed at a historical caravanserai hotel, which is considered Edirne oldcity. The hotel is a luxury boutique hotel with extremely nice osman and turkish architecture. Ender Bey waiting for us in the morning is our very old friend. Rare
right to show us that Edirne is a unique culture city. the first mosque in Edirne and the borders of the Ottoman private turkey tours Empire. Of course the work that gave the name to this structure was Ottoman Sultan Selim. Selim is another son of Magnificent Sultan Suleyman. Tabiki was built very close to the Meric river. This work is made by the architect Sinan and is on the world heritage list by Unesco. On the stone bridge on the HAtta Meric river, Mimar Sinan, the architect of the bridge, built it.

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