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For those who are over a certain age, Bursa is the ideal place for a holiday. The reason for this is that Bursa city has very delicious food and kebabs as well as wonderful thermal hotels here. Almost entirely of these thermal houses were Turksh baths, which are the most authentic and Ottoman Turkish architecture. Nice bathrooms and massages are provided. Bursa also serves chestnut desserts. Especially in summer, organic ice cream made from very delicious chestnut is sold here. There are many caravanserai located in Anatolia on Bursa Private Turkey Tours city historical silk road. Kervansaray which is in the city of Edirne serves as a special boutique hotel. Beside this, there are historical shopping centers like Koza Bazaar, which has lots of Bazaar Bazaar. There is a definite knowledge of when exactly it was made, it has been serving since the day it was opened. In Bursa Koza Bazaar, there are boutique shops selling pure silk products. Bursa is at the same time Uludağ. Turkey’s maybe not the biggest mountain but, in Istanbul and is considered to be the most popular ski resort town because it is close to Ankara. Finally, the center considered as Bursa oldcity is Bursa Ulu Mosque. Bursa Ulu Mosque is considered to be a work of art made in the middle of the city in the Ottoman times. Bursa is the only mosque of the great Mosque and there are 12 domes beside it. The Bursa Ulu Mosque is made of extremely simple ornaments. There are marbles built with handcraft, especially the mihrab.

Already during the trip to Troy, we went to the GAllipoli peninsula on the European continent. Gallipoli is integrated with history and carries traces of war everywhere.
There are military tunnel trenches used in war. Even Mustafa Kemal had the opportunity to travel around Çonk Bayır, which showed great resistance to fighting. Gallipoli War
other meanings than just the Battle of Gentlemen. In short, a war between the west and the east. The most beautiful narrative of this is the parties UK and France
it is under the leadership of italy. On the other hand, there are Germans in Hungary and Ottoman Empire in Austria. The first world war between 1914-1918 and
In 1915, these Gallipoli wars took place. Gallipoli wars are the reason for the war on the Gallipoli peninsula before the sea battle and then much more
there have been long-lasting Land Wars. Let me tell you a little bit after that the war is a war between Australia and New zealand with the new Republic of Turkey
this mutual respect and friendship have occurred. As the most important Anzac day on April 25, the Gallipoli peninsula is made of many bronze describing the war
There are sculptures.

it was very nice to find another direction as we traveled around istanbul. We arrived at Istanbul Ataturk airport by plane. From here you can get a private airpot transfer from istanbul oldcity
We stayed at the luxury apart hotel located in the historical peninsula. The apart hotel is very close to Kadırga Square and the park. Istanbul oldcity
the area surrounding Istanbul is defined as the oldcity. In the Eastern Roman Empire period, both sea and land
was a sheltered city until 1453. Medet Bey was the rahberimi and his statements to us about it. The Ottoman state is the capital of Edirne
The ruler comes to Istanbul after conquering Istanbul, the new home of the Turks and the capital of Istanbul. We started the Kadirga Square in Istanbul and the structure
had the opportunity to review. Istanbul is also a city with a food culture. Most of the Byzantine Greek and Turkish dishes are served in all restaurants today.
Both Istanbul Hippodrome and Cemberlitas Sutun are accepted as gifts to the people of eastern Roman emperor Kosntantine. 2 obelisk and Snake though today
sutun and then the German Emperor himself, built by the German fountain in Germany, was transported by train to Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul. This is completely Sultan Abdulhamit II
built and built as a gift. The first time it was made fruit juice sherbet flowed from the taps for a long time. It is in the form of a complete circle and has a fountain in the Ber direction.
Today, in this historical fountain, people need water. After touring the Blue mosque, the Topkapi palace is much easier and convenient to have a wide time touring. Istanbul
There are centuries-old chestnut trees between Hippodrome and Blue mosque. Blue mosque has 5 separate gates in different terraces. These doors are really big marble stone
Emine by architect Sinan and his student, architect Mimar Sinankar Ahmet Efendi.
This beautiful blue mosque has entered our life after 7 years

We came to the airport of Atlas using Atlas Jet. The location of Cappadocia is very close to the car even if the most remote place does not pass 20 minutes. After checking the necessary tickets and goods here
We arrived at the hotel located on Urgup side with Private Cappadocia airport transfer. It is already done by Mercedes car during the transfer. Get at the airport CAppadocia each
When you look at the sky from around, you were flying balloons all over the sky in different colors and different ways. Some were flying too low and some were flying very low. Cappadocia called cave
We stayed in a hotel called apart from the hotel which has its own design and architecture. After the lunch we eat in the hours after the Cappadocia many open
there was an air museum. There were fairy chimneys, and they all served as a restored hotel. I want to tell you that there are only cave hotels in the world,
Therefore, the Cappadocia, which the Japanese people liked the most in their modern life. A large and fertile desert where people are in this area with similar sand
and the camel tour was very entertaining. As the distances between Cappadocia are very long, there is the possibility to travel by safari vehicle. Already a tour trip to Cappadocia at least 7-10 km
during hiking. On the first day we were in Pigeon Valley while Ihlara valley then. Watch the many acrobatic and moving pigeon flights between two wonders of nature
It was nice. Some of the fairy chimneys are used as church called cave and more otodoks cave church around Cappadocia is more common. Cappadocia
The wool obtained from beeches and lambs has carpets and rugs made with paints obtained by organic ways. also for those who do not want hand-woven
there is also a machine woven factory in Koyunlu. Machine carpets are much cheaper.

Our trip has very easy access between Istanbul and Edirne for the weekend. Already between Istanbul and Edirne has been an important trade route throughout history. Edirne city
today it has become the gateway to the west of Turkey. Throughout history the city where education and training are important. How today the Trakya University provides extremely modern training.
During the Ottoman period Selimiye mosque in the vicinity of the religious education in the buildings as well as an important health education was given. People with intelligence problems in Europe
If he lives in chains. Selimiye mosque’s medereseler given health education is fascinating. People with mental health problem healing here with water and music
Find. In Edirne Health Medresses, the hospital is also made by the state of health services of all poor people. Many people, especially in Istabul
Edirne Selimiye is coming to visit mosque. The reason for the visit is to do religious worship in Selimiye mosque. Edirne has the culture referred to by you.
In these dishes, it was formed after the mix and combination of Balkans and Turkish dishes. Edirne Peanut and then immediately after a delicious duo. now
With our tour guide Medet Bey, we had the chance to see every aspect of Edirne Selimiye mosque with different angle and detail. I think within the borders of the Ottoman Empire
and is regarded as the most respected Architect in the Islamic world. There are over 200 artifacts drawn by the architect Sinan biizat himself. Mostar in Bosnia
The stone bridge was adopted by the Edirne Selimiye mosque Unesco archaeological site.

Big city of Trabzon is a really important city. Trabzon is a liamn city which is active in trade and passenger. Trabzon land is sea and the easiest and easiest
preferred airport. It really dazzles with the newly built airport. We arrived at Trabzon airport with a plane transfering with Borajet. Especially as it is from domestic
There are many flights from the Russian state. There are even Russian and Ukrainian ferry services by the Black Sea. In addition, the Black Sea to Azerbaijan and Georgia
The easiest transportation with the motorway is done from here. So Trabzon, as it used to be at the intersection of all roads now. A gorgeous Trabzon airport with transfer to the city
We came to the center. People here have identified with the Black Sea and continue their lives. There are many sorts of languages ​​saga that sell anchovies to eat at home.
The city has a blue and burgundy color architecture. We have stayed in the most preferred Apart hotel in the arrivals of Arabic. Before we got here,
We made all the reservation process on the internet. Trabzon has many different religions as people live and this tolerance throughout history has lived. Trabzon
The oldest architectural structure and facility in Trabzon as HAgia Sophia museum. The whole area for Trabzon HAgia Sophia is on the World Heritage List by the Ministry of Culture and Unesco
protected area. Hagia Sophia is an important orthodox church and within it is the pictures and figures belonging to the marvelous Christianity. a living area and beach along the beach
A social area with comfortable cycling trails for people walking along very comfortable morning sports. The most important value of the Black Sea and anchovy trabzon food culture. along the beach
found live music is fish restaurants.

Istanbul Oldcity After the trip, the second day of Kadırga from the hotel hotel in Istanbul on the Kennddy Street to take the bus to Florya
It was. There is the Istanbul Aquarium on one side and Florya Shopping Center next to it. we first visited the shopping center and then
istanbul was the possibility to go to the aquarium. A truly modern shopping center has been designed. There were shops in over 100 different sectors.
Turkey’s place is as popular brands in Europe. The top floor is completely reserved for food. There is a large market on the lower floor. without wasting time
immediately formed a good concept with istanbul aquarium. People from all over Istanbul have come to go around the aquarium. It serves as the largest aquarium in Europe.
The place also roams the fishes as the place rides under the sea. It really was so diverse and very colorful, it had a full color revelation. Staff working here very well
she tells the story and tells a lot of information. Istanbul Aquarium Black Sea Mediterranean MArmara sea and many oceans separately classified and very ahtaop and numerous sharks
He had.

At the other end of Canakkale TRoy is located at the other end of my GAllipoli wound. Apart from the hotel lobby with Medet Bey with our tour guide at the very early hour of Saber
We present invention. Until noon Traoy spent time for the antique city. Later, lunch at the fish restaurant on the shore of Cananakkalr. And right after
by car ferry to Asia from the continent of Europe to be passed. Fortunately, we entered the museum of Canakkale GAllipoli, a military museum. Before Mustafa Kemal
after the struggle against the Lieutenant-Colonel Anzac and the British. After the war, Mustafa Kemal is very famous as Colonel or Mir Regiment Kemal
and it was popular. Even in the Istanbul press of the Ottoman Empire in the era of many pictures news and interviews published. In the GAllipoli peninsula museum,
resulting in excavations. Military uniforms of Anzac British and Turkish soldiers. Weapons and weapons used by officers. Even the letters sent by the soldiers to their families
it is on display at the military museum. The Panamoric Gallipoli Museum is a beautiful work. British and French battleships in a very short period of time
as they passed, then it was planned to go to Istanbul in a very short period of time and to help the Russian Empire, which was in a difficult situation. Nusret Mine is quite small and well maintained
wreck They took too much damage. Right after that, Russia became the new Bolshevik revolution. Then approx.
the land battles began a year. Anzac battles began after the support of soldiers from the countries that had nothing to do with Gallipoli. Anzac cove is the first

We went to Ephesus turkey tours to go to the ancient city of Ephesus, and we went to Ephesus by using a mass vehicle from here. After the bus ride we arrived at the Aydın bus station. roost
for a 5 star hotel with beautiful beaches on the coast. I have already made regular Ephesus get the hotel reservation from the internet via the website. morning o’clock
08:00 in the hotel lobby waiting for us with the car going to the open-air museum of Ephesus. The most beautiful place of the trip is completely white color and white color
the way the king uses the marbles and is the main diver of the city. In my opinion, there are succulents made with remodeling on this road which is conveniently 2 km long. Immediately to the pillars
There are lanterns with lighting purposes. Thus, night illumination is provided. If the other affect the ancient city, every place has a private sewer and people are comfortable
There are areas that satisfy the need for toiletries. In addition to the buildings on which a city is located, one of the cities for which people live much more comfortable is
There are fountains made in line. It is important to keep in mind that the TROJAN fountain, which is noteworthy and unique, is among these. Ancient city of Ephesus
There are numerous ancient cities. Ephesus makes a difference in this beautiful architecture and structures outside this city that art and culture provided by the life of clinics. That’s why Aadolu
very valuable writers and scientists who lived in Ephesus. At first glance impressive and fascinating and 200,000 manuscripts
Celcus Libray with books. The ceilings and the dome of the Celcus Libray building were built very high.
it is quite a lot of daylight.

During the trip in the city of Edirne, Selimiye mosque and the arsenal of basalts and many places to see and have the opportunity to visit. Finally, before boarding the bus Edirne
We ate pork kebab and set off with Trabzon express bus. We chose the night trip and the reason is to sleep on the bus and relax and arrive in Trabzon without wasting time. Trip
over 8 hours in this process. But the wires were a pleasant ride, one of them. During the trip, we took a break every 2-3 hours. Gas station and rest
places where we have to stop. First of all a large number of hot soup, 20 close to ottoman dishes. in the morning breakfast plate is served. After all, here
There are really many clean cafes where the believers will be comfortable. As a result, we started to enter the borders of the province of Trabzon, the city is located outside the sea filled
There is an extremely modern Trabzon palace. Our bus trip to Trabzon is over. After drinking a cup of tea and coffee, Trazon has a sea view.
We stayed at the hotel. Trabzon has a lot of visitors especially in the Arabian Peninsula. They prefer the apart hotel because the families are crowded. Therefore in Trabzon
much more than apart hotels. Trabzon city is one of the sources of pride in the Trabzon Sports and Trabzon sports colors every place is dominated by blue colors. So Trabzon Black Sea
is an important port city with a coast. The first reaction of the first man in the Haydar plateau in Trabzon and the long lake is the place where they call heaven on Earth.
The long lake area has been accepted by the Ministry of Unesco and Truzim where the area is the place to be carefully protected. Long let around the lake definitely build
It is not allowed.

Start is our starting point. We made all the necessary preparations for night travel. The bus is the most convenient transportation option and there is a bus
it was a pleasant journey by looking at the environment. We came to Denizli province for Pamukkale. The most expressed narrative in the travel books I read about Denizli is
The city is a city with extremely hot water. Even Denizli residents benefit from this hot water to warm up. We have an apartment in Denizli which is close to the PAmukkale
we stayed at the hotel and stayed. Although there is a lot of fun, our choice is to visit the PAmukkale a moment before and take part in private Hirepolis tours. Our trip to this purpose
Some of the open air museum of Pamukkale is located in the ancient city of Hirepolis. Here, there are many wonderful architectural structures and facilities belonging to the Greek and Roman empires.
Every ancient city is located in the ancient city of hirepolis, which is the largest and the most lively road. The path of the king is more like a white stone and a marble stone.
There is an image. In the evening it’s another beautiful happening with lots of special lighting on the road of the Karal. The symbol of Pagan religion on the way to the king while many small great people
are the Temples. After the Christianity spread to the ancient city of Hirepolis, these temples were replaced by churches. A particularly spectacular sound and acoustic
system. very special concerts are held here in the open air. Many artistic organizations are organized here. Pamukkale and I very much like
Pamukkale Clopatra Antilk pool. An ancient pool built for the wife of Western and Eastern Roman, Alexander’s wife, Clopatra. There are so many people here
the disease is thought to be good.

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Private Cappadocia Tours

By telling istanbul only when you tell us. Byzantine telling istanbul you can fully explain. First of all, the Roman Empire, which is an empire of today. The Christianity spread, even during the first 250-300 years. There were temples belonging to every Roman city. Pagan religion. Everywhere in the Roman city, monumental tombs were built, which are a kind of religious motifs of Pagan religion. Private Cappadocia Tours In this Roman empire alone, more than half of the world. Then the Roman empire is divided into two. It is the Roman city which is located in Italy as the Catholic religious center. In other words, Constantine is another name for Istanbul. Constantine is the name of the founder of Istanbul.This is the center of orthodox Christianity. The largest Orthodox church in the world was built by Huskümdar Justinyen, who left a mark on the Byzantine impatale. Istanbul itself is a natural inner harbor especially Yenikapi and Golden Horn. During that period, when the stormy sea, the ships can be comfortably sheltered here. The people who came to Istanbul from the Roman Empire. Constantine was built to a fortify the surroundings of Constantine. Istanbul is divided into the middle of the Bosphorus. In today’s Bosphorus, in recent with istanbul is very difficult people are confused. Everywhere there are artifacts and buildings belonging to the ottoman and the Byzantine Empire. Istanbul has become a world of cultural capital in 2010. has already made Istanbul for the first time for a thousand years. There are two very beautiful palace that makes this wonderful city special. Beylerbeyi Palace was built as a summer palace in Bosphorus. It was built by the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamit II. Beylerbeyi PAlace There is a Galata tower built in the Ottoman period and very close to it. The Gala tower was built during the Byzantine era, the Eastern Roman Empire. The reason is that Istanbul is seen from very high places. Istanbul is especially for intervening very quickly in a fire in the Oldcity district. The reason for the fires in Istanbul. In İstanbul, there is a huge damage in a fire. Houses are very easy to burn because they are from the sea. The Bird’s Tower is the place for the sea expeditions. We visited Topkapi which is the oldest palace built in the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul Oldcity. Though Topkapi Palace serves as a museum. This magnificent Topkapi is located in the garden. Evenings We visited Topkapi which is the oldest palace built in the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul Oldcity. Though Topkapi Palace serves as a museum. This magnificent Topkapi is located in the garden. Evenings We visited Topkapi which is the oldest palace built in the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul Oldcity. Though Topkapi Palace serves as a museum. This magnificent Topkapi is located in the garden. Evenings The garden funs and celebrations were held in today’s Gülhane park. Already part of the Garden of the Rose Garden belonging to the Gülhane park. Bagdat Pavilion, Ottoman Sultan Mehmet, was built. Later, other mansions were made by Osmani Sultan Yavuz Sultan Selim. The Harem has been in operation since PAlace opened.

After a fairly easy trip we found ourselves in Bolu city square. If you are attracted to my attention there is a Bol owned dining culture. known name with plenty of chocolate is very popular in Turkey
production. Bolu Chocolates is everywhere if it is abundant in Bolu. In fact, very nice gift boxes in many bakery markets and similar places are made. us
as a gift we got chocolate. We bought it a lot cheaper because it’s a kind of chocolate center. Very expensive especially in Istanbul. Bolu summer winter truzim Kartakaya Mountain and
Abant Lake is one of the most visited resorts and sightseeing resorts. After going by car up to a certain point, the ski lift and Kartalkaya Ski Resort have arrived.
We kind of got to the top. Each side of Bolu Kartalkaya is covered with thick snow and all the white color. Some of the people are slipping and snow ball-like fun. Of course, the most important
The ski slope is here. Important winter sports are organized from time to time. The view of people who have fallen or steeped in snow is everywhere in Bolu KAyak center. TAbi more
There are many 5 star hotels that have special facilities for those who love skiing too. We stayed in a hotel here and the hotel had quite spacious rooms. Morning and dinner
we would go to the 250-person buffet dining room. The spa at the hotel was really nice. The pools were very large which were closed. There was a variety of bathrooms and Turkish bath service. Just me
The jacuzzi pools were great if you like the most.

There are two holiday and sightseeing facilities in Kusadası which are very close to Ephesus. We stayed in Kusadada for 3 days and it was the first two days that we visited Ephesus Museum. Now
we came again in a beautiful morning after the village breakfast we made on the way to the historic area called Ephesus. Cave in the wake of the 7 wakes in the expressions of each religion you get on the road before
We went. 7 people want to hide from the Roman soldiers and a cave comes and sleeps here. When they wake up, they awaken in a different time frame. Very authentic and
spirit We also had lunch at a restaurant that made meals in the Aegean region. 10 A close up of soup and Kusadası
In the region, meals and salads consist of olive oil. We’ve closed a nice turkish coffee post dinner section. Now we’re on our way to the village roads
There is an ancient city built between two valleys on a very high hill. This place is also very visitors and always queues in front of the museum
has. Right on our right and left side there is a large living area which belongs to the immediately noticed City Hall and the ruler of Ephesus. An architecture where white color prevails
Have design. In a wide area, I am very surprised that a sewer road has been made and people at certain points or stops meet the toilet requirement.
Love house comes from striking structures. Ephesus temples. Each valuable artist has many small monumental tombs, which belong to the great writer of the author architect writer.
TAbi is the most remarkable and the biggest one is Celcus Libray. A monumental tomb, one step further than the other structures identified in Ephesus. Though this place used to be
It is also important to note that there is a port city. Celcus Libray seems to be almost everywhere in the city. front of this two-storey building is quite
beautiful later made with the reconstruction of the original marble slabs are appropriate.

We asked our tour guide for our trips to Gallipoli Anzac and our very close friend Medet Bey. Canakkale city center has a clock tower. Every ottoman
Sultan Abdulhamit, especially in the last period of the empire was very valuable to know the time period of the important cities of Anatolia. Even Dolmabahce
PAlace has many large small fully handmade clocks. Knowing the time and knowing it has always been invaluable. Brought to the ship by Medet Bey
We met in front of the sculpture of the horse. Canakkale is on the sea side and part of it is on the continent of Asia and part of it is on the European continent. Canakkale Restaurant
fish have a very important place. Special seafood appetizers and olive oil salads are wonderful at Canakkale’s fish restaurants. Many Cafe along the beach
there is. In addition to this short Canakkale food culture, we moved to Gallipoli, which is of historical importance. Though every now and every day of the 24/7 car with ferryboat
The expedition continues between the two sides. A major bridge is planned between the two sides of the plans. Europe and Australia more here
anzac museum is known. In our historical books, Canakkale Gallipoli museum is known. Here is a saga of Turkish nation. Though how long is it
The battle of the gentlemen. After the naval war, in 1915, the great unexplainable land battles that the Anzac soldiers participated in were made. Military tunnel in this war
and between the military trenches. The place was an unhealthy environment during the war for the Anzac military. The reason was that the need for clean water was made by ships from Egypt.
had very unhealthy hygienic conditions. Anzac cove, which we saw during the trip, is located near a ceremonial area. In memory of the deceased soldiers who died here
There are numerous tombs and monumental tombs.

We arrived at Istanbul Ataturk Airport with Atlas aircraft. from here, we took some needs of passport control and free zone and then we collected our luggage. From Istanbul airport
underground metro station. We were on the 2nd floor of the airport and took the Metro route taking a very far ticket here and landed at Aksaray as the last stop passed the bus station. Right here
We went down the subway station which was the last stop of this line with the tranway going above the ground. Istanbul islands to the island of Kabatas ferry port 7
We have received. During this sea journey, we passed very nice historical monuments. The last island of the island after crossing the Satin 3 island docked along the historic port steamboat.
Believe it is a place that is very crowded and very active. The island has a nature in nature. A very large part of the island is a hillside and picnic area. Anyway here
Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamit II built the clock tower is considered a center. People on all sides of the island can enter the sea very comfortably. Believe it has a very clean coast. us
Stayed in a very modern apart hotel located just behind Adalar Belediye. In the morning, it is nice and pleasant to wake up to the sound of gull birds beside the beautiful sunrise
truly. Of course, the island is an important source of income for people fishing. Here, there are restaurants where there are many fresh fish. coastal
these restaurants serve live music.

Cappadocia 3 days as the trip we planned to travel today Cappadocia tour is on the 2nd day. Today I will try to explain Ihlara valley as much as I can. Already
Cappadocia does not exceed 30 minutes by car at most distance. In this case, the manager of the apart hotel has allocated us free car for going to Ilhara Valley and return. Us
he was very happy about it and he did. As I said before, Ihlara is very close to the destination. Ihlara valley in Cappadocia
and this is a very quiet and quiet place due to it. The Ihlara Valley is a valley made with escalators that stretches down to much. No escalators
It is very difficult to get up and down this place before it goes up and down. The escalator made it easy for him. On both sides of the valley
There is a cave. Valley in the middle of a large river and wooden or stone bridge in place, there is the possibility of crossing. Ihlara valley river walk area
It comes and goes. People here have seen a very different aspect of CAppadocia. People along the Valley to ease their lives as cave living space home
They used. There are many reasons, and one of them is the same sparrow in the summer winter when the cave temperature makes it easier for me to think. People warm up much easier and type
The heat is much more spacious and comfortable life. Of course, there are many churches next to these houses. Jesus Christ in these churches, Mary the mother of Jesus Christ
drawn pictures and figures on the walls of the church is possible to see. What makes this place special is that these paintings are as bright and bright as the first day. The paint used in Buddha
It is due to the fact that it is root paint. When Cappadocia lifts your head all over, Cappadocia balloon with a wide range of design and height is flying. really hard
A flyout of Cappadocia baloon.

Bursa is a city with many unknown places. And remember that this little city is small. Bursa from Söğüt and domaniç region as Ottoman beylik
established. This small city is a city that has watched the east and east of the new empire. The reason is that this little principality is no longer the right to be an Ottoman state
won. The last exit was now a world emperor with the conquest of Istanbul in 1453. It is not as temporary as the timur and Alexander and is destroyed by the leaders. Totally 600
The year was ruled by 35 Ottoman sultans on 3 continents. Historians have found the place where the empire was the longest of the empire after the empire had reached the first stage of the world
was the city of Bursa. Bursa in the winter of the city with Bursa Uludag, as well as abroad abroad, visitors are coming here to ski. Great skiing
There are facilities and 5 star hotels. There is a food culture that will not surprise those coming from Bursa. All the sweet varieties made with chestnut. Of course Bursa 7
İskender Kebab is a must-eat even for this city. Green Bursa city. I also want to talk about Bursa Ulu mosque which is located in the middle of the historical city. During the period of Ottoman Principality
The ruler was made by Yıldırım Beyazıt. It has a unique architecture with its 12 Dome and a single minaret. The Great Mosque on 4 massive marble sutun
One of the 12 dome is located.

After a nice trip to Istanbul, we set off for Trabzon, where the Black Sea pearl was never seen before. Because I didn’t want to travel
his place was our bus night ride while we prefer. No need to adhere sometimes to the TV unit which is sometimes otbüste and free internet with the opportunity to make an easy trip.
First we came to Trabzon Bus Terminal and from here to every point in Trabzon there are minibus flights. We cross over a pedestrian and village roads in nature, Trabzon
We came to the Apart Hotel located in the highlands. We booked the hotel accommodation on the internet from the world-famous hotel site. If you book early
There is accommodation at a much more affordable price. During the weekend we went to Long Lake, which was close to our hotel on the first day of our stay in Trabzon. Long lake with safari vehicle have reached very easy. 2nd
The long lake that comes to mind first when it is already in Trabzon. A long lake is a lake located in the middle of the forests between the mountains you are looking at from an angle and right next to a white mosque
Available. This appearing side is unfortunately a construction that really annoys people behind the white mosque of Uzun Göl. The latest in the Ministry of Health
Intertwined structures are being exchanged. After that, the site has been accepted to the Long Lake site and there is no building permit. Previous on around Uzungöl
buildings being demolished. Uzungol is already on the world heritage list by Unesco. It was built in the same architectural style as Hagia Sophia in Trabzon.
a classical orthodox church. On the interior walls of the church there were paintings of Jesus Christ and his mother Mary, who was the mother of the prophet Jesus, painting pictures and religious figures. The same city of Trabzon
At the time the capital of Hamsini is recognized. Hamsi is used in every meal. TRabzon Sports Football Club where it is the biggest and biggest supporter of the Black Sea region
there is. Surmene Monastery is one of the museums to visit.

The city of Canakkale is one of the few cities in Asia and a part of Europe. We have the possibility to reach Canakkale city any time of the day. us
We have made a stay in an apart hotel very close to the sea. we were very late in the morning for the free day which was the first day. Canakkale Strait is full of parks in Asia
We have the opportunity to do sports with healthy life walks and tools with many different points.
It’s almost as if  , cappadocia tours ,  a professional gym is located along the beach. In the mornings, especially in the mornings, women prefer sports. Hiking trails
There are basket fields as well. People use the bike to walk around comfortably. At the end of the day people use the beach as a picnic area in the evening. in Canakkale
There is a life that is intertwined with the sea. Already in one of these coastal parks, the statue of the horse used in the movie Troy brought with ships from Amarika. In another park Canakkale
clock tower. This art prisoner was given to the people of Canakkale by the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamit II. Many different tools made to know the time
Kostek watch, which is a handmade watch. On the day of this beautiful free day, you can visit the Troy Museum and the works of Troy in the museum.
there was the possibility to see. It is located in a quite hilly landa from the coastal town of Troy Canakkale. It used to be a fortress in the sea. Sure over time
Have stayed away from the sea after events such as earthquake. Medet, the hotel owner, left us with his own car, Mercedes vito, to the door of Troy museum. Museum of Troy
some of it was an archaeological excavation site and there was a huge security area around the museum and excavation area. We have entered the Troy Museum and an introduction by the museum
they gave the brochure and the history of the TRoy.

Yesterday we went to Istanbul Oldcity and Taksim in the evening and believe that all kinds of entertainment and good food. Even on the streets of Turkey’s domestic independence
In addition to the brands, the stores of world famous brands are combined. Taksim is also a café that makes a great deal of coffee outside of a wide variety of Turkish coffee.
There. In the evening we went back to an apart-style hotel near the mosque of istanul oldcity Kucukayasofya. And to go to the city of Edirne after a good night
We set off without losing time. Edirne only private car or Istanbul Big Bus bus were preferred. Although the path is close to 3 hours once you need
We gave a break. The reason for a very comfortable journey is the free internet of the wires on the bus. I listened to a lot of music during the journey. Already a light lighter
The minarets belonging to Selimiye mosque in Edirne began to appear. When you follow the Mosque you reach the middle of Edirne oldcity. Nato on the outer part of Edirne oldcity
We started our tour program in front of the monument. a sculpture to commemorate the day after the NATO Members of this memorial Republic of Turkey. In the city part between Edirne and Istanbul
There are railways. On the banks of the river Meriç is a place that is very often wooded. In places where the square stones are very pleasant, that is what we call our cobblestone
with stones There are many social areas along the banks of the river Meriç. At the end of HAfta, Edirne people can use it as a picnic area. Stone bridge
The architectural and engineering drawings were made by Mimar Sinan, who was the architect of an approximate vehicle and the width of which could be passed. More white color marble and
used in stone making. Even at the foot of the Stone Bridge is a nice cafe and restaurant operated by the Municipality of Edirne. Here, Edirne, the other Tava Kebab and
Almond Butter has natural ice cream made from goat’s milk.

After the holiday we made in İzmir Kusadası, we made plans and programs to arrive at the 2nd destination point of Newsehir Cappadoci. In accordance with this plan İzmir
We’ve got a bus ticket to Newsehir. This is the office of the bus company in Kusadda China. Here we have arrived to Izmir Otogar with free flights to passengers.
This vehicle is located in different locations in Izmir by collecting passengers in the end of the end of Izmir Otogar came. Mercedes brand bus boarded and our journey began
they immediately made their first tea and coffee maker. Our journey was over 7 hours and we traveled by taking a day trip on the bus route. Of course internet wires
service was nice. We’ve had a break many times. When we finally saw Hasan Mountain, we knew that it was already coming to Newsehir. Gene Newsehir Otogar immediately after landing hotel-owned vehicle with Göreme
Located near the hotel we stayed in style hotel. The Cave style hotel is much more comfortable since it is at the same temperature in every period of the year. Believe me the biggest hotel I have ever seen
The rooms are located in the cave of Cappadocia. We were also in a very modern apart hotel where the design of the room, decorated with Turkish motifs and a nice jacuzzi. Cappadocia
In the first day we spent in Cappadocia, in line with our preference, Ihlara VAlley was followed immediately by Demirkazık and derinkuyu. Both detected
There are the largest underground cities. There are hidden cave churches where people will perform their religious worship, although the conditions of living here are quite difficult. pagan
After the temples, Cappadocia cave churches were built. Extremely beautiful paintings belonging to more orthodox churches and the mother of jesus christ and the mother of jesus prophet Jesus
and motifs. It is the first day of today that it is made of paints obtained from natural and organic ways of root paint in Cappadocia.
Very vibrant and colorful.

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Private istanbul Tours

We went out as 2 friends from Romania. During this trip, my friend went with a Mercedes car. We went out early in the morning after all the passports were ready. The Romanian city has extremely flat grounds and very large agricultural areas. So the field merges with the horizon. The Danube river is Europe’s largest. The Danube river is so big that sea transportation is being made. Between Romaya and Bulgaria there is this magnificent Danube river. The Danube river is a big bridge. The other side is considered as the Bulgarian territory. Bulgaria is a very green and even wooded country. You drive along a beautiful wooded path along the way. Anyway, at the end there is a Kapıkule customs gate between Turkey and Bulgaria. After passports now we enter into the territory of Turkey. Turkey, which in the end we have come to the city of Edirne. We lived in Edirne for 3 days after a long time. We stayed at a historical caravanserai hotel, which is considered Edirne oldcity. The hotel is a luxury boutique hotel with extremely nice osman and turkish architecture. Ender Bey waiting for us in the morning is our very old friend. Rare
right to show us that Edirne is a unique culture city. the first mosque in Edirne and the borders of the Ottoman private turkey tours Empire. Of course the work that gave the name to this structure was Ottoman Sultan Selim. Selim is another son of Magnificent Sultan Suleyman. Tabiki was built very close to the Meric river. This work is made by the architect Sinan and is on the world heritage list by Unesco. On the stone bridge on the HAtta Meric river, Mimar Sinan, the architect of the bridge, built it.

Although Canakkale is more prominent with Gallipoli, on the first day, Troy Antique city was put forward. The reason for this is Canakkale from the city center in the Asian continent.
located quite far away. Gallipoli is located on the European continent and there is a Canakkale strait between the two continents. We have a hotel in Asosos
We camped. The first day of our trip to Canakkale Troy, the other day, the whole day Gallipoli Anzac tour. Somehow we found ourselves in front of the Troy Museum. Here
it was quite calm and easy to have a comfortable trip offered to us. Medet Bey us anallatı Troy excavations starting from the last period of the Ottoman Empire until today
an excavation area. Hayla is supported and sponsored by the German Bosch company. As the oldest excavation area of ​​Troy, it is one of the oldest identified civilizations
It has been reached. 7 different civilizations and civilization, and each one has built a different city in Troy. Here are the beautiful theater halls and the Troy Hippodrome. People at horse
The races have made the gladiator fights here. It is located in the temples of the Pagan religion, as well as in the areas where very large people use their living space. Now is
Here is a photo of the horse statue made entirely of wood from the Troy movie. In fact, the horse statue used in the film was sent as a gift to the municipality of Canakkale.
Troy horse statue is considered the first war between the west and the east. troy horse statue, though with war in the wakefulness and war to win the battle
a few soldiers hiding then somehow opens the castle door.

The resort town of Assos has the most beautiful sea shore and blue-flag beaches on the beach. We are in the same city as Troy with an apart hotel
We made the reservation on the internet at very reasonable price. The classic design of the stone houses is the majority. Assos and Troy Canakkale province each other Troy
more hilly yad in a mountainous area. We came up to the front of the TRoy Museum with a vehicle belonging to the hotel. We started to visit Troy with the museum ticket we received. Troy has been around for a long time
excavation work. valuable items and historical remains are carefully preserved and exhibited in a covered gym. Troy Horse Statue
The first come to mind and the horse statue of Troy is very nice and comfortable, and we have about 10 people carrying a soldier and a work with front windows. People are hiding in the West and East
this war between the most troubled and defeated. Even historians say that the people of Troy, now considered Asian, have begun celebrations and entertainments. War
The winner is submitted with gifts inside as gifts. At first, the people of TROG did not accept this horse and even dropped the bad luck. Soldiers in Gaffil at the Time
In the darkness of the night the castle opens the door and open and ready to see between the West and the east between the first battle in the West with the trick was the winning party. Troy
The war does not end here, and both sides of the east and west after years and generations of generations in this fairy tale story tell the story of what you say a legend. Troy from 7 layers
and that each layer attaches great importance to the science of science. a very narrow area of ​​civilization that lived in many different periods

We arrived in Istanbul and Istanbul is a very fashionable city with the beauty and nature of its buildings and facilities. We are very well known in Istanbul
we stayed in an apart hotel. Transportation to Istanbul by sea air and land from everywhere is provided. Now the city walls around Istanbul, the city itself
Constantly in time of Constantinople was surrounded by the city walls. Yedikule is much closer to the sea than the others except that it is close to the sea.
and have a flashy gate. Hayla Marble has standing in the pillars. Yenikapı East Rome and the Byzantine monarch or the king won the first leg of the oldcity after the war.
Within the oldcity of Istanbul, it is very easy to reach anywhere with an underground line. It starts very early in the morning and lasts until the late hours of the night. More
A railway line that many foreign visitors use. Aksaray New gate over Istanbul University Beyazit Closed Grand Bazzar error through this line Cemberlitsaş
and then the Galata Bridge from Gülhane and Historical Sirkeci Railway in Sultanahmet. Both stops are very
short distance. During this trip we reached the Galata Tower. The purpose of the construction of the GAlata tower is to fully observe the oldcity of Istanbul. Here comes the ride
people having the opportunity to see Istanbul 360 degree. Even in the evenings, Turkish Dinner and Turkish Night Show are organized. This show until late at night
while live music and many folkloric performances are held here. We went to the Dolmabahce Palace to make a palace much bigger than the Topkapi palace
Made by French and Italian Architects. Baroque architecture and nearly 1 ton close chandeliers were used. It was first started during the reign of Sultan Abdulaziz.
Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamit II used more. Dolmabahce is made by filling the sea and is very valuable educational institutions around. Feriye Palace is
It is used by the Sultan family.

Istanbul On the second day of the trip, the eastern Roman and Byzantine empires are one more day to visit. Already in Laleli very close to here
stayed in an extremely comfortable apartment. The building we stay in is completely luxurious. We booked through on the internet. immediate hotel
there was a metro station passing above the place at the exit. we boarded here and after 2 stops we landed at the subway station in front of the Gulhane park. Now here’s the rest
Just below it is known as Cankurtaran beach and the other road where the coast road is the other Kendey street. Kenndy coastal road from Sirkeci to Florya coast
one way. Now here is the Topkapı palace on the upper side of the Gülhane park, a private street where the most beautiful historical ottoman pavilions are located. Let us
Osman Hamdi Bey, who was considered to be the first oriental painter of the first Ottoman painter, was a museum of Ottoman architecture in the reign of Abdulhamit II. Feature Troy
a museum in which the artifacts of the ancient city excavations were collected. The Arkeloji Museum is a forested area that is bounded by the Topkapı Palace Museum. Located in this vicinity
all trees have exceeded at least 100 years.

We came to Istanbul airport with Borajet airlines. From here we have carried out quite cheap transfer using underground metro. as the modern city center of istanbul
Taksim is accepted. While I was traveling around Taksim I realized that this is the most active entertainment center. taksim
where it is. We have made a stay here in an apart hotel very close to the statue of Taksim. Now, without wasting time, one of the most popular Istiklal Street in Taksim
We came to the historic tunnel on foot. This is accepted as the oldest underground subway of Istanbul. From the Galata Tower we came to Karaköy by underground. From Galata
we crossed the bridge to come to Sultanahmet square. In fact, this is the center of the world erected in the Byzantine period, there is a small marble column. istanbul oldcity
sultanahmet has numerous small large parks all around it and some of them are ornamental pools. In the middle of the square ornamental pool water show as well as many different colors
we watched the light show. Ornamental flower parks with tulips and roses in combination with. In tulip season, every corner of Istanbul is decorated with tulip flowers. Your day
the remaining part of the Roman Empire during the period we preferred. The oldest of these is the Hippodrome, which is followed immediately by the Yerebatan cisterns. istanbul ‚
the area where rain water is stored underground. There is always a crowd in front of the haqia. Some take pictures of museums
waiting for queue. With the tickets we bought earlier, we entered the museum immediately without waiting. Hagia Sophia outside the need for many security guards
service. A very protected Hagia Sophia. Hagia Sophia was first added to the first minaret in 1453 and later Yavzusultan Selim, made by the latest architect Sinan
3 and 4 minarets were added after a major renovation. We are right in front of the Friday greetings, this is the Ottoman Sultan after the religious worship
an area where people greet with the public. After touring the Mary house, which is owned by the mother of Jesus Christ. Daily Ephesus then came to the city center. Our bus ride from Aydın
and after a nice bus ride, we came to Assos, the seaside town of Canakkale. It is a holiday destination where mostly Greek houses and mansions stand out.
We have already taken the road to Troy the first day without wasting time in the day after enjoying the sea and sand of the sun. The hotel belongs to the ancient city of Troy with the private car we have come up. Troy Canakkale
There is a pretty straight between the city and outside. There is security of private protection because there are excavations in progress here. In times of zone
After the Oscar-winning Troy film, the number of local and foreign truists increased. We even had a long queue to get into the Troy museum.
A lot of history writing about Troy was written in the book. There are some real or false writings about myths of myths. Plus Troy horse is very well known in all languages
create an expression. The other name of the deceit fool is Troy horse. An event that sent people to armed with hands instead of gifts into the statue of the Horse. So the horse of Troy
– It has become the name of a betrayal. According to our guide Medet Bey, it is thought that there are 7-8 people in Troy Horse. The culture of Troy was determined on the basis of the culture and
The first war between Eastern culture is accepted.

istanbul Turkish Airlines using the beautiful air travel and airport transfer to istanbu’a somehow came to Istanbul. Already receiving much likes from
the hotel is located in a small Hagia Sophia. Istanbul is completely closed to vehicle traffic during the day. As such
The people are very friendly and the facilities are much better than the walk. Istanbul Municipality is located in the oldcity and on the Sultanahmet square with the Istanbul canite card.
It’s so pleasant to walk around. Bicycle payment is made easily by credit card. There are many places in the oldcity bicycle rental point. istanbul
You can deliver the bike located at. So you can deliver your rented bike to the bike rental point in Topkapı
is happening. Apart from that, apart from the hotel where we stayed, the hotel is very close to the small Hagia Sophia. This place was originally made as a church and then served as mosque
Giving. That’s why it’s called small. Before the real Hagia Sophia was built in the Sultanahmet square, it was made here as smaller and miniature. Here
Today, HAgia Sophia is located on the main square of Sultanahmet today. Small hagia in the garden and courtyard of the people will be extremely comfortable cafe
There. When Istanbul was the world cultural capital in 2010, many buildings located around Little Hagia Sophia demolished and revealed all the beauty of HAgia Sophia
ensured The small Hagia Sophia is about 1 km walk up to Hippodrome which is located in Sultanahmet Square. On the right side
while right behind the chestnut trees is the magnificent Blue mosque with 6 minarets. .On the other side is the Land Registry and Turkish Islamic Museum. Rectorate of Maramara University behind him
The building serves. There are all the Istanbul Hippodrome starting from here and taking it to the Sultanahmet meatball. as well as two adat obelisk
Hippodrome covers a large area until the German fountain.

During our last trip to Istanbul, we arrived at Istanbul Ataturk airport with the plane ticket we bought from Borajet. The cheapest ticket after my research on the internet
We got it from Borajet. The metro line is already in Istanbul and the bus station is the busiest. Taksim is accepted as the new city center. Especially
the people who come from all of istanbul especially oldcity are surely in Taksim, at least you can eat dinner and live music entertainment venues. We have sea around Kumkapı
We stayed at the aparthotel which has a view. Here are the fishermen of Kumkapi. It is now a small Ayasophia mosque.
shops Especially hand-woven carpets and personalized sewing jackets are available. These leather garments are made of multicolored leathers. Istanbul
The city has a peninsula and therefore a whole part of it is in Bosphorus and Marmara Sea. Lifeguard in the sea with Bosphorus
the boundary between. When you walk along the beach, there are fully lined roads between Istanbul and the sea. Believe this way every hour of the day
There are traffic. This park along the beach is no need to come here and the people of this area early in the morning use health walking and sports fields. Sultanahmet Square Background
On the other hand, the houses and pavilions which have been beautifully restored and built with Ottoman architecture have boutique hotels which are very valuable today. We have a close
We stay at the aparthotel. On the right side of the square is Hurrem Sultan Turkish Bath, Topkapı palace Horse Square and Hagia Sophia. Just across the street from Istanbul
One of the buildings is the Blue mosque, which was built by Hippodrome and Ottoman Sultan Ahmet during Konstantine. This is from the middle of the four structures
There is a German fountain. The German fountain is already the name of the German king of the German King as a gift before the First World War, as Ottoman monarch Khan 2nd Abdulhamit as a gift. German
After the fountain itself germany Yapildak turkey has come after a long journey.

Our last trip to Istanbul, Istanbul, which is known as the oldcity, we stayed in an apart hotel located in the vicinity of Sultanahmet. By historians and city scientists
There are a lot of durable walls built in the time of Konstantine and later enlarged in the direction of need in the Justinian period. In fact, Istanbul is a
Because the peninsula is built in the sea of ​​the Marmara Sea. On the land side of the city walls, the water trenches were protected. This is the area of ​​Kazlıçeşme Yedikule
The area encompassed by the lifeguard and the Golden Horn is completely in the oldcity of Istanbul. Istanbul is the most beautiful panamaric view of oldcity
The Golden Horn is at the top and is able to reach much more with the cable car here. The famous French writer Piyer Loti is considered the home where he lives. it even made it to the original renovation.
there is a cafe with a Piyer Loti. One of the most beautiful places to drink Turkish coffee. From here the Taksim area and Suleymaniye mosque area is very
it seems easily. In the light of this historical information, we got out of the aparthotel which is very comfortable and very close to Sultanahmet. Sells souvenirs right in front of us
A large number of shops include cafes, kebabs and fish restaurants. Carpet and leather shops are available. The jackets sold here are custom made. Unbelievable
There are many kinds of colors and one model design it up. While wandering around the streets of Sultanahmet, Istanbul zatan everywhere, Ottoman and Turkish architecture, and culture
There are garden decorations. Istanbul garden culture Tulip flowers and centuries-old sycamore trees are able to see all over Istanbul oldcity. The biggest one of these is of course
This part of Gülhane park is the part of the Ottoman palace which is famous for the public side of the famous Has garden. Gulhane park is closed to the traffic and car parked and sees the coast from a
Apart from the cafe, right next to the Science Museum is a cafe run by the municipality and the most beautiful of Turkish ottoman dishes are served here. Pathway along the coast
There are 4 lane roads as is.

It is possible to reach Istanbul with many roads. The world’s largest New Atatürk airport was built, there are also 2 airports in Istanbul. Istanbul Railway transportation is possible.
There is a bus station that serves highly developed luxury buses. Foreigners are anchored in Karakoy port ships which will be considered as the oldcity center with big ships.
Believe that the new ports and many buildings in the height of the building is docked here. These ships mostly stop in Istanbul after visiting the Greek islands.
Cruise ships on an important port stall. Every year thousands of people make daily Istanbul tours using these cruise ships. We have a very economical Karakoy around
we stayed in an apart hotel. In the morning of the day we woke up to the hotel where we stayed in the balcony of the hotel easily from the Galata Tower and New mosque or even a
The amount appears to be Golden Horn. We are in the Topkapi palace with all the beauty that is right opposite us. We went out of the hotel immediately to visit the oldcity of Istanbul without wasting time. Date here
There are ferry ports in Karakoy. Galata and Eminönü has a new Galata Bridge, which was built later on. At the bottom of the bridge istanbul tours each 100 years
there are fish restaurants. There are live music. On the other hand, there is a two-way light tranway path next to the corresponding vehicle traffic. On both sides of the Galata bridge
people amateur fishermen are fishing with fishing rod. Spice Bazaar flower passage on one side and new mosque on the other side. Although the name is new 200
Over the years of service. What made this new is the last period of the Ottoman Empire. This place was built by filling the sea. Right next to here
The historical Sirkeci station is located. Here you can walk on the Asian coast and Uskudar coast after 5 minutes using a marmaray connecting the two continents underground.
Along the coast of Uskudar there are many beautiful filter coffee in the hookah cans cafe. Along the way there are many tulips and rose flowers in the majority of flower gardens
and parks. At the end of this road is the Beylerbeyi palace.

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